Shifting Out of Neutral Into Drive

Youth Program

Shifting Gears Unlimited Interpersonal Communications Program for Youth aims to assist young people between the ages of 8 – 21, and to help them build self-esteem through values, activities, personal talents and self-awareness.

The program is designed to empower and educate youth on how they can overcome obstacles and achieve a positive attitude toward self, school, family, friends and community. Each module will consist of “How can I achieve my personal goal?” in all areas.

Each module has activities focused on real-world problems and participants' personal situations.  Participants will receive a journal to document their progress, ideas, thoughts, and goals throughout the program.

This ten-week program will help each participant to develop self-esteem and take pride in themselves, become better individuals, gain the tools necessary to better themselves, and start believing in and implementing their dreams and goals.

Each module in the program will also include a guest speaker who is an expert in their field.

After the ten-week program, each participant will receive a certificate of completion, and will be monitored  and further assisted for twelve months, in order to confirm that they are on track to achieve their educational and personal goals.